Manunshikane Hakaja 
The great forgotten ones in the Balcans war 
The situation of Roma in Sarajevo. In Spanish. (5/2/98)
New report about the infringements of Roma Human Rights  
Focused in the Czech Republic. In Spanish. (5/2/98) 
The situation of Roma associations in Bulgary 
In Spanish. (5/2/98) 
The reality of Roma refugees in Romania and seekers of refugee status  
Extract, in Spanish, of the informative document published by the UNHCR (High Comissioner of the United Nations for the Refugees). (5/2/98)
Germany will turn out the refugees from former Yugoslavia  
The ERRC report against this attitude in an opened letter to Chancellor Helmut Kohl. In Spanish. (5/2/98)  
About our language 
What is romanó? What is kaló? What is romanó-kaló? General comments. Final conclusion. In Spanish (5/2/98)
Grammar of Roma language (1)  
The article: definite, indefinite, contracted. The noun: how to form abstract nouns. Gender: masculine/femenine. Number: singular/plural. Monosyllable. In Spanish. (5/2/98)
Grammar of Roma language (2)  
The adjective. The numbers: ordinal/cardinal. The pronoun: The pronouns Mi, Me, Nos, Te, Ti, Os, Le, Les. In Spanish. (5/2/98)
The Instituto Romanó celebrates in Seville a Conference about the recovery of romanó-kaló language in Spain, Portugal and south of France. (5/2/98)  
Plan of ethnic minorities in Castilla y León 
Declaration about the celebration of the "Day of Roma Andalusian"  
Full text of the declaration of the Andalusian Parliament, establishing the 22nd of November as "Day of Andalusian Roma". In Spanish. (5/2/98)
Note from the consultative commission on racism and xenophobia  
Opinion on the spreading of racial hatred by informatic or telematic means. In English. (5/2/98) 
Declaration about the European Year against Racism 
Text from the European Parliament, that declares 1997 to be the European Year against racism. Document B4-0045/97. In Spanish. (5/2/98) 
I Tchatchipen
This document collects all the index of contents of the magazine about Roma thoughts I Tchatchipen. If you are interested in any issue, you can send us an electronic mail with your name and address, so that we can send you the magazine by ordinary mail. (5/2/98)
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