European Net of Rroma Youth


EUROTERNNET is a non profit-making, non-political and non-confessional international youth organization aimed at the social and cultural promotion, individualy and collectively of European Roma youth.

It also seeks the approach between Roma youths from the different countries of Europe.

EUROTERNNET is an organization of young people who feel that being Roma on the threshold of the XXI century, working as a journalist or a lawyer, a mechanic or a painter, does not presuppose a loss of feeling romipen, a feeling that has impregnated the Roma tradition throughout the last 600 years in Europe.

Those who are members of EUROTERNNET believe that being Roma and young is to have a stake in the future.

Who controls EUROTERNNET?

EUROTERNNET is a genuine Roma youth organization. Its membership and management is made up entirely of Roma youth. They are the only people suited to the management since EUROTERNNET is totally devoted to them.

What is its structure?

The direction of EUROTERNNET concerns, up to now, to a Managing Board, composed of Roma youths. Its members have been elected by foundational associates of EUROTERNNET in a General Assembly.

What is its scope of activity?

EUROTERNNET’s field of activity covers all the countries of the European Union. Its actions are aimed towards all the associated Roma youths within the European Union.

Who can be a member of EUROTERNNET?

Any European Roma youth, aged 14 to 30, can be a member of EUROTERNNET.

What type of activities does it organize?

EUROTERNNET works basicaly for:

  • The compilation and distribution of information related to the convening of meetings and the granting of scholarships for study and occupational training. It will also work towards obtaining institutional resources to carry out various projects.
  • The promotion and coordination of actions for interchange and mobility of Roma youths between different European countries.
  • Playing the role of speaker and advisor before the different administrations (local, regional, national and supranational), in matters related to Roma Youth.

EUROTERNNET will allow European Roma youths…

  • To meet other Roma from Europe, forgetting the lack of close links between our people that for a long time some people have tried to create.
  • To have relevant current information about Roma.
  • To attend courses on culture, associationism and professional training all over the continent.
  • To achieve support for national projects as well as a direct link with the European Institutions.

EUROTERNNET will provide you with all this information by ordinary mail or by electronic mail.

How can one collaborate with EUROTERNNET?

Just fill in the enclosed application form to become a member of the organization. You will enjoy all the resources provided by Euroternnet and you can also become a member of the Assembly that heads the organization. All in all, EUROTERNNET will be just what you want, because being young and Roma is to have a stake in the future.

If you want to take part in EUROTERNNET fill up these personal particulars: