12.12.2003 / Tabor Pamieci Romów - Roma Caravan Memorial
01.12.2003 / The fight against the problem of shanty towns
16.11.2003 / The Romanian Government initiates an investigation into the wedding of two under-age Gypsies
01.11.2003 / Tradition and Gypsy pride in Extremadura
16.10.2003 / Schooling of Gypsies in Lugo
09.10.2003 / ONCE's lottery ticket dedicated to the Unión Romaní
01.10.2003 / The Gypsy media in Eastern Europe establish a Managing Board
15.07.2003 / The Association of Gipsy Teachers holds their congress in Ferrol
01.07.2003 / 800 pupils take part in a programme promoted by the Gypsy Diocesan Secretariat
15.06.2003 / A Ceremony of the River for History
01.06.2003 / At school with esteem and hope
15.05.2003 / Cultural diversity Forum
01.05.2003 / 25th May Election
15.04.2003 / A million candles for peace
07.04.2003 / Cultural diversity Forum: Family and education in the Gypsy ambit
02.04.2003 / Preparing the conference ‘Romà and gadyè. The challenge of being different’ in Brasov (Romania)
26.03.2003 / Romà International Day
16.03.2003 / The case of Gypsies facing IBM obtain the justice’s go-ahead
01.03.2003 / More than 100 Gypsy women have been sterilized by force in Slovakia
16.02.2003 / European Union asks Romania to end Gypsy exodus
01.02.2003 / Bishops admit that treat Gypsy people with prejudice
16.01.2003 / Only one of the members of the working table for the Gypsy minority is kalé
08.01.2003 / Gypsy woman: a space for participation
07.01.2003 / Romani Union publishes its fourth report "Journalists against racism? The Spanish press in front of Gypsy people"

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