27.12.2004 / Roma get a seat of deputy in the Parliament of Romania
01.12.2004 / "La ley de los gitanos es la Constitución"

01.09.2004 / Eight European countries come together in the fight against poverty and social exclusion
02.07.2004 / Congress on the "Creation and maintenance of information networks among Roma organizations"
03.06.2004 / The National Theatre of Catalonia hosts a conference on "Identity culture and universal culture" on June 7th  
01.05.2004 / Celebrating the Roman Identity  
16.04.2004 / Romani party in Barcelona  
05.04.2004 / April 8th. International Roma Day in Catalonia  
01.04.2004 / The International Roma Day comes to Catalonia one more year  
16.03.2004 / Police harassment in Slovakia  
10.03.2004 / Solidarity for the eviction of an old non-Roma woman  
01.03.2004 / 2004 Elections  
01.03.2004 / A call for solidarity with the victims of the Alhucemas earthquake  
23.02.2004 / To write the future
16.02.2004 / Andalusian autonomous government gives go-ahead for Andalusian Plan for Social Inclusion  
01.02.2004 / Initiative to create a European Roma political party
16.01.2004 / The Journalists' Association of Catalonia pays a tribute to Iñaki Gabilondo and Juan de Dios Ramírez Heredia
16.01.2004 / The overthrow of the Dictatorship
01.01.2004 / The Spanish press before the Gypsy people

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