European Romani Center for Antiracist Investigation and Disclosure

What is creida exactly?

It is a centre which aims at providing any kind of documentation, advise or materials related to  the Romani community.

CREIDA wants to be the first European centre to be directed and managed by Gipsies themselves in collaboration with the main European universities.

At the moment our documental files include more than 50.000 articles, documents, books, films, videos, posters, pictures and leaflets, everything  organised according to the subject, the authors and the country.

CREIDA will give you the answer

All these questions as well as many others are properly  answered in CREIDA (European Romani Center for Antiracist Investigation and Disclosure).

CREIDA was created in Spain in 1996, promoted by the Spanish Union Romani in collaboration with the University of Seville and together with the help of the European Commission.

Now, after these two years of hard work, we are ready to answer most of the requests concerning the Romani people.

Why was CREIDA created?

Our aim is to fight  the lack of information existing in society about the Romani people and to contribute to the promotion of the real image of the 12 milion Gipsies living in Europe.

We, the Gipsy people, want to be the managers of our own resources, especially those dealing with our culture and our collective history. But, above all, CREIDA wants to improve our self-esteem as a community so that we can enjoy our rights just as many other European citizens do.

Who can contact us?

CREIDA is a non-profitmaking institution. All the information that we offer is provided free of charge. None of our materials is for sale. We just ask people to pay for the expenses of the photocopying, video or audio recording, as well as for the postal charges.

Any association, private or state institution, student, teacher, researcher, journalist as well as individuals, and specially those persons who,  moved by their solidarity, are really involved in the struggle for the Human Rights can contact us.