Josep Borrell will be from now our salvation table

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, new head of diplomacy of the EU / AFP
Juan de Dios Ramírez-Heredia Montoya

Congrats friend:

Congratulations Mr. Minister:

In his honor, Mr. Borrell, today the rroma of Spain are singing and dancing through ‘bulerías’. And the almost 800,000 Rroma and Rroma of Hungary are celebrating in their honor by recalling their wonderful folklore to which Franz Lizt attributed Rroma origin. And from Russia to the Balkans, through Greece and Romania, the 10 million rroma that populate the old Europe we feel happy and hopeful for his appointment.

From now on, you will be our salvation against the persecution that we are subjected to in some European countries. We are pleased to know that your position as High Representative for Foreign Policy will see your expanded competencies in humanitarian aid and the attention that the suffering of so many people, including many Roma families, who integrate into foreign immigration.

From Spain, our common homeland, and from all over Europe, we consider ourselves citizens of the world, we say it in our old common language: ‘Sastipén thaj mestipén’ (Health and freedom) and ‘Te aves baxtaló’ (May you be happy) traditional greeting of the European rroma.

Romani Spanish Union
Office of the Vice President of the International Romani Union