17.12.2002 / For a white Christmas!!!
The Romani Union shared with Galicia and in fight against black tide
05.12.2002 / Died Padmashri Weer Rajendra Rishi, International Romani Union Honour's President
01.10.2002 / Gypsy identity in Catalonia 
16.09.2002 / “Our goal in Andalousia’s Unión Romaní is working for the Gypsies” 
01.09.2002 / With Camarón in the ‘capote’ 
16.07.2002 / Andalousia, a unique school for everybody 
01.07.2002 / Andalousia’s Unión Romaní aims two new projects of job insertion 
16.06.2002 / Simphonical Gypsies 
01.06.2002 / The Romani Union fills of colours the Alcalá de Guadaira women jail 
29.05.2002 / The right of diference 
28.05.2002 / OSCE Initiates Information Gathering on Roma Minority in BiH
16.05.2002 / Those Gypsies who love velocity 
16.05.2002 / Opening of an European Information Office for Roma
16.05.2002 / For a Gypsy authors' society 
01.05.2002 / Gypsy curse 
16.04.2002 / Afganistan Gypsies face the end of the way 
12.04.2002 / The german consulting firm Icon-Institute search experts in educational projects in the Czech Republic
01.04.2002 / Andalousia and the Gypsy identity 
27.03.2002 / Third Gypsy Traditional Festival in Holland
25.03.2002 / President Kostunica participates in the Roma Nation Day in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
16.03.2002 / A teenager from a shanty wins an award three years after beginning to read 
11.03.2002 / Greek police and justice should not cover up another killing of a rom by a police officer
07.03.2002 / Gypsies of all around the world meet to remember their ancestors in the River Ceremony
01.03.2002 / "I feel a double proud for being a town councillor and Gypsy community representative" 
22.02.2002 / The ERRC asks for a investigation for the five gyspies death in a fire
16.02.2002 / A fight between two parts 
31.01.2002 / The third session of the IRU Parliament in Skopje (Macedonia)
30.01.2002 / Racial crime at Maremagnum in Barcelona  
18.01.2002 / Activities Report 2000 of Unión Romaní 
17.01.2002 / The association 'E Roma Opre' comes out outside the Bulgarian Embassy
17.01.2002 / Another step towards the equal opportunities for Roma

16.01.2002 / “The kalò is not a dialect yet”

08.01.2002 / The post rates condemn us to silence 
01.01.2002 / “Gypsies, not so different” 

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